Random Movie Update

The One I’m Anxiously Awaiting:
Didn’t watch Batman Begins, nor War of the Worlds (just couldnt let Katie and Tom win, just couldnt do it!) but at last my summer movie has arrived: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Loved loved loved the book. I watched the movie starring Gene Wilder with my students… wow was it demented. If you saw this movie many years ago, you may not recall but there are some very disturbing scenes including one where you watch a chicken get beheaded……. BUT now Johnny Depp will be playing the lead role and the trailers look so enticing. Have been waiting for this movie since March when I found out it was coming out. Was not able to watch it opening weekend so the suspense is just killing me. I’m waiting to watch it in Atlanta so I can watch it with Kashif on Imax in all its glory.

**The Charlie Update****: Keep in mind this is the ONLY movie I had ever so anxiously anticipated… I expected to be kinda let down…. but Charlie was everything I hoped it would be and more. Kashif said the Oompa Loompa’s turned him off, but frankly, I thought they were a highlight of the movie. I loved the interpretation of the songs except I wish they were more articulate so children could understand the lyrics, particulary the song about how Television destroys all creativity. I didn’t even mind Tim Burton adding the storyline about the father/son issues of Willy Wonka…. the scene where his dad had his news clippings all over his wall made me posotively weepy. One side note, Johnny Depp was good…. however… Jim Carrey, in my humble opinion, would have done a job truer to the Wonka portrayed in the book. But still, this movie is one I want to see again on Imax. Anyone down? Kashif isn’t. 😦

The One I Broke Down and Purchased:
First off, thank you Ali for accompanying me on the trip to find Office Space. Hope the butterfinger was sufficient compensation. Two words- comic genius. This movie is the best statement of modern office life that I am aware of. The reason this movie works: (On Peter’s view on his job) Joanna: You’re just not gonna go? Won’t you get fired? Peter: I don’t know, but I really don’t like it, and, uh, I’m not gonna go. Joanna: So you’re gonna quit? Peter: Nuh-uh. Not really. Uh… I’m just gonna stop going. Joanna: so you’re gonna get another job? Peter: I don’t think I’d like another job. Joanna: Well, what are you going to do about money and bills and… Peter: You know, I’ve never really liked paying bills. I don’t think I’m gonna do that, either. And I must include Best authentic desi moment: Peter: What if we’re still doin’ this when we’re 50??? Samir: (big dreamy smile) It would be nice to have that kind of job security.

The Ones I’ve Seen Courtesy of Netflix:
Hitch: Maybe I’d have liked this when I was 12 and this formula was still unpredictable but at 25 all I can say is: Predictable, cheesy, awful. I love Kevin James but he could not save this movie.

Finding Neverland: Really wasn’t excited about this one but it was amazing. The tears started about forty minutes into it, and didn’t end. It’s one those movies you feel like you’ve learned a life lesson from watching. Really Really good acting but you can expect no less from Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp.

Rushmore: Aamir you were on the mark on this one. It was so good I forgive you for recommending Napolean Dynamite. If you like quirky independent films you will like this. (Think a long lost relative of the Royal Tenenbaums).

Da Ali G Show: An English TV show featured on HBO. Like the Chappelle Show it can offend the unaware- but it’s funny! “Ali G” interviews unsuspecting guests and regardless of his method of how he gets the actual interview, the outcome is usually the same—he sits down with his guests, and then asks a string of loaded questions devised to goad them into replying with something equally ridiculous. One republican senate hopeful admitted to some very controversial stuff on the show: http://www.webgeordie.co.uk/borat/broadwater.htm costing him his public image.

So that’s what I’ve seen so far … any recomendations? Still got one more month of summer to fit it in!

8 thoughts on “Random Movie Update”

  1. The Ali G Show is great! Although I was a bit skeptical when I first started watching it since I found it at least slightly offensive that an English Jew would pretend he was an Arab. But the interviews are great and extremely funny.I also liked the link you provided. Amazing the caliber of people we have running for Senate these days. Where are all the normal people who will run? Instead we have these weirdos in power.


  2. Batman is a great movie you need to see it. The best superhero movie clearly. Waor of the Worlds is good but not great, You should see it. Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums have the same directors and both have Bill Murray ( who was the man in space jam) and many other actors.


  3. Charlie and the Chocolate factory is great. I’m a big fan of the first one, and everyone says this one is “so much darker”, but I’m not convinced. Still, very cool.


  4. Adnan, did you see the new one? We’re planning to watch it this Friday… I really hope its good because I’ve been waiting a long time for it. Rotten tomatoes labeled it a fresh one.


  5. Yup, the new one. There’s more than enough difference btw the old and new to make it worthwhile… also, this one goes into why Wonka turned out the way he did. His character in this movie is awesome.


  6. Been waiting to go watch WW. Couldn’t go yet, coz anyone I ask to go with me, thinks I’m a dork to watch Willy Wonko. 😐 No I’m not a dork. Thank you very much.~R


  7. What a shame! Charlie really is grat particularly if you grew up reading and loving the book. Tim Burton did a better job staying true to the book than the original writer.


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