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Quirkier than any children’s tale

Can’t believe havent shared it before:

Baby Hippo gets seperated from his mommy b/c of the Tsunami, lost and frightened he finds an ancient tortoise who at first begrudgingly tolerates him and then ultimately adopts him as his own. Both protect each other, play together, sleep together, and eat together. Little Hippo (Owen) even understands that the Tortoise, (being a male, and NOT a hippo) will kind of ignore him when his fellow tortoise buddies come by to visit (gotta maintain an image after all!)

Baby hippo news story”target=”new”>

Tell me after reading this story that you do not have a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart? Hope it lifted your spirits if they needed lifting!

Owen the baby Hippo and his mama the tortoise Posted by Picasa

PS: And the furniture, it arrives tommorow!!! (Swivel mirror!)

7 thoughts on “Quirkier than any children’s tale”

  1. Trauma does strange things to people and it isn’t any wonder that the same would happen to a baby hippo. However I’m puzzled by something… say it was separated from it’s mother by the Tsunami….however Hippos are from Africa which wasn’t significantly effected by the event. Or was this in a zoo somewhere?


  2. The article says that the hippos got swept by some river current that was being affected due to the Tsunamis over on the other side of the ocean. I told this story to my kids and they all said how great it was that Owen and Mzee were able to overlook their differences and love each other for what’s on the inside. One girl, who is considered mentally challenged raised her hand though and said “it’s still sad that the hippo lost his real mommy, even though the baby forgot, the mommy still remembers him” Wow… But on a lighter note, how can you say “BABY HIPPO” without smiling:). (The caretaker of Owen has a journal)


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