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Answers Come From the Strangest Places

Dear Morgan Spurlock,

Thanks for your wonderful show “Muslims and America” (More info on show at:, CLICK ON EPISODE GUIDE and then click on MUSLIMS AND AMERICA) I went ahead and e-mailed the fx channel thanking them for airing a program that, though wasn’t totally perfect made an honest attempt to explain to Americans that we should not stereotype Billions of Muslims because of the acts of a few. I know that you will get a lot of hate mail and so will FX for displaying such a show that tried to show Muslims in a positive light. That’s why I am thanking you. When things are done that are wrong we should speak of it, and when things are done that are right, we should speak of them too.

Someone said that all immigrants have to pay their dues. When each new race, religion came they faced prejiduce and difficulties, and THEY have to say “This isn’t right!” Just a split second ago in the span of humanity, the Japanese were the ones under scrutiny. They were forced to sell their homes, leave their jobs and be stuck in internment camps losing all liberty. Even Bugs Bunny saw no harm in some “funny” racist Japanese jokes! Can we imagine that now? Someone proudly stating in the newspaper how much they hated those “JAPS” and how they were people to scrutinize and hate? Yet it’s same channel, different show. The stereotypesB and the prejiduce still here, but now its time for the Muslims to pay their dues.

A wonderful blessing of this country is the fact that this country believes in Liberty for all. In the USA you are innocent until proven guilty. In the US all are created equal. This country abhors discrimination and requires companies to be Equal Opportunity. As an American, I believe deeply in these values. Most MUSLIM nations do not have these rights afforded to their citizens (Brunei, most Arab countries you can’t even own land if you’re not an Arab or be considered a citizen! Women can’t vote or drive!)

As an American I want to uphold and protect these Core American Values.

And yeah, So I think now I know why I’m becoming a lawyer.

To contact Morgan Spurlock:
To contact FX channel:

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7 thoughts on “Answers Come From the Strangest Places”

  1. I’m thinking some of that hate mail will be from the fundo muslim population that noticed Prophet Mohammad’s cartoon giving a “thumbs up” or relaxing on the tree with the other prophets.Hmm… good intentions Spurlock, but that cartoon idea? Not so good.


  2. I didn’t notice the prophet giving a thumbs up… weird. All I can say with the shows that Christians put on like “Jesus Christ Superstar” all the while beliving him to be God and not finding these depictions to be offensive, I can only think he didn’t mean to offend anyone by doing what he did though he should have perhaps conferred with the Muslim community before he decided to do that.


  3. He will get hate mail from neo-conservatives and AIPAC supporters for showing Muslims as human beings. And conserative Muslims will object because of the reasons stated above. Nevertheless if he and the channel gets enough positive mail they will be encouraged to continue.


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