Scenes From Boston

If you click on the link (you’ll have to cut and paste it) below it will give you a slideshow of some of our Boston travel experiences.

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8 thoughts on “Scenes From Boston”

  1. Looks like a nice trip. I have been to Massachusetts a couple of times but ironically have never been to Boston. I’ll have to make up for that given how nice it looks. I take it you were up visiting friends? Or is it family?


  2. We went to visit my friends Nadia and Mansoor. I can’t believe you didnt stop over in Boston if you were in Ma. it is definetly worth a stop over. Particularly the Church of Christian Science.


  3. I tend to stay away from things that have “church” “Christian” and “science” incorporated in them. But I agree, and have always heard Boston is nice. Guess I’ll have to find an excuse.


  4. glad you enjoyed your time in boston. i like the picture of the stata center…did you get to go inside? the interior is much nicer than the exterior.


  5. Thanks! I fell in love with Boston… I didn’t get to go inside the stata center… I didn’t know I could :(. Just out of curiosity how did you come across my site? Thanks for dropping in though! 🙂


  6. i love boston (i go to school here). i believe you left a comment on sobia’s blog — perhaps one of her more recent posts about her mother-in-law. i’m pretty sure that’s how i came across your site. (ps – i don’t think it’s abnormal to buy the same outfit in different colors. as long as you like the style, why not? :-P)


  7. I’m sure the winters aren’t the best there, but we went in June and it was gorgeous! Thanks for validating my multiple outfit in different colors preference :).


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