Random Updates

1. We’re going to Boston tomorrow to visit Nadia and Mansoor. Yay:) The forecast looks like rain:(. This summer so far, anytime anyone has come to visit it RAINS. We’ve had prety good luck in the past on trips we’ve taken. Vancouver, “the rainy city” and Puerto Rico, surrounded by water all around, did not rain. So here is my plea to the climate: Rain Rain Please Go Away, Come again Another day, prefereably next Wednesday. sincerely, Aisha.

2. Is it abnormal to buy the same outfit in different colors? I went to express last week with Humera (miss you Humera!) and bought two shirts, I was going to buy a third but Humera said that I already was buying one shirt the same as that shirt and why buy the same shirt in two different colors. I said OK. Then on Monday I went to express again with Kashif and found another shirt I liked and it came in blue and white I wanted both but he said just get one. So, Kashif and Humera say its not normal to buy the same shirt in different colors. But I say if you like it why not get it in as many colors because its a good shirt? Is this odd?

3. Ami got a job offer from the principal at her old school. They said to her “We don’t want to lose the opportunity for you to work with us again” I’m happy they appreciate what an excellent, passionate, dedicated teacher she is.

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