Good Point Brad Pitt

So was watching Dateline last night and Brad Pitt was discussing with Diane Sawyer his trip to Africa. She dutifully listens as he describes the abject poverty of the children he met, how if an American gave just $16 it would pay for a years tuition including books and anything else related to a child’s schooling. She dutifully listened as he described little orphans with Aids staying up late at night to study because what they craved deeper than food was an education.

Yes, she listened very dutifully and nodded at all the right times and then said. “So tell us, I have to ask…. what is the deal with you and Angelina Jolie” he gave her a look and then she continued that “All of America wants to know what happened, why did you and Jennifer Aniston split up?”

And Bradd Pitt said something which I really took to heart, he said something along the lines of “Isn’t that sad? That there are newspapers and magazines filled with me and my relationships, full TV shows devoted to my relationships…. it’s really sad where people’s priorities and interests are.”

She smiled and nodded and then continued “yes, but do you keep in touch with Jenn…”

Yes Brad it really is very sad people will search google for hours looking for your picture or buy a magazine because it says that it has the inside scoop of your relationship woes…. but no one cares, why, no one barely knows of things happening in our world that are so deeply causing the world to bleed.

Just b/c the news isn’t covering Indonesia doesnt mean the people are still in deep pain, just because the media isn’t talking about Abu Ghraib doesn’t mean that it never happened. The attention span and the attention priorities are truly staggering. And ofcourse I know this, but when he said it, and I know he may have just been saying it to deflect attention from himself, but his words were true.

To whom much is given, much is expected of.

That is all of us. That is me. That is you.

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4 thoughts on “Good Point Brad Pitt”

  1. I have to be cynical here, Brad Pitt never cared about Africa, never cared about poverty, never cared about anything except driving his Enzo Ferrari around and shagging beautiful women…..then he meets Angelina Jolie who works for the UN and tries to bring the spotlight on these nasty issues going on in the world…..and he is now an instant convert to fixing the African miasma. Puhleez, I have a feeling that Brad Pitt’s attention span won’t last that long either. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen people come and go harping on poverty and world issues…..only to go back to whatever it was they were doing before when the cameras turned elsewhere.


  2. You’re right, it is an odd coincidence that rumors of Angelina start swirling and suddenly he cares deeply about Africans. But what he said about how sad it is that people care more about his love life than whats going on in the world, I think that’s true. It is terribly sad where the priorities are.


  3. Pitt’s comments are dead-on, regardless of whether he’s in the game for the short term or long term. Even if that was the last we heard from him, he asked a very important question, and The One Campaign alone got hundreds of calls about volunteering alone within 24 hours of that interview.


  4. Brad has always said he wanted to do something else besides movies. He wanted to have children and now he sees suffering children and his life means more because he has a platform (a cause to talk about.) He realizes how empty and shallow his life was. I saw where he is down-sizing and never expects to live in a large home again.I see something in him thats not all Hollywood.


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