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We’re back in Atlanta which is doing a superb impersonation of Lansing, MI by being cloudy and rainy all day today. Fun Fact: We left our house in Orlando for our flight around 6:30pm and arrived at our home at 1:00am. If we left at 6:30pm and drove we would have reached home around 1:00am. hmmm!

As we waited for our flight to Atl, we browsed the magazine store and saw this US News Collectors edition:


If you look at the picture you can see why I became teed. Black cover with the eyes of a woman looking through her niqab with an expressionless face and bright red letters splashed on the top SECRETS OF ISLAM.

I can honestly say that the photographer really had a gripe with the religion because these pictures were a bit creepy… some of them anyways, but the text was actually NOT BAD. There was an article or two I disagreed with, BUT they really made a very good effort. For example they stated the only time in Islam (quoating the Quran) that one can use violence is if you are operating under self defense. I dont think I’ve ever heard that in any medium thse days… I almost think its a mixed blessing the creepy cover because many people will see it, feel fear, and read it to find out the NASTY little secrets about this “awful” religion. Maybe the type of person who would buy this magazine because of its cover and for that reason is the exact sort of person who SHOULD be reading this particular magazine. There are articles about the history of Islam, contributions that Muslims made to the world during the Islamic Empire, and it even acknowledged the imbalance in American textbooks utterly neglect this time period and simply gloss over it as “the dark ages.” I liked the intro very much, and I liked the message I took from the magazine which is that Islam’s essential message is peace, tolerance, brotherhood.

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1 thought on “US News and other things”

  1. I saw this just y’day at Barnes and Nobles. I didnt really offend me as it was “staffs selection” and I just thought the veil emphasized how the Islamic community is still very secretive and closed off. I saw some good articles in there as well.


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