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Dear Aamir, baby brother, this was your highschool graduation. May 25th 2:00pm, we waited in line in the hot sun, which earned the “Sunshine State” its title. You’re the last in the family to graduate highschool. The baby is no longer, objectively, a baby. I say objectively because in our eyes you always will be.

Here are some words of advice that I have learned since highschool graduation:

1. Within you are the seeds of greatness but its caretaker is you. Despite your surroundings, which certainly can help, ultimately the results will help or hurt only you. Young redwoods use sunlight so efficiently that they can grow even in deep shade. But with full sunlight and moist soil, a redwood sapling can grow more than 6 feet in a single season. Choose your surroundings, your friends, carefully.

2. Patience is difficult but important. Remember, weeds can grow in seconds, but the Redwoods take centuries.

3. Every minute you put off till tommorrow will sooner or later become the present. Get the important stuff done sooner- not later.

4. No one will place a higher worth on you than you place upon yourself. Sometimes you will feel its foolish to believe in your own intelligence or creativity. But you have to be your own biggest fan, ultimately, no one else can do this for you.

5. Get advice from those who’ve been there and done that. Dont’ take it for gospel necessarily, but take it into serious consideration. Some of us OLD FOLKS have learnt a thing or two from our mistakes. Learn them from us if you can instead of the hard way.

6. We use less than 10% of your brains. Strive to break the record through Hard Work. Even the most intelligent people in the world will not succeed without hard work. Hard work is important miracle gro for the seeds of greatness within you.

7. EVERYTHING is a choice. You choose everything. You don’t have to resign yourself to do anything. This sounds so simple but it took me years to understand it. Once you learn it, you’ll learn freedom.

8. “Move- but do not move the way fear moves you”- Rumi

I hope what I say, you read. And I hope it is at least of comfort that a sister took the time to write this to you. You must be special indeed. 🙂

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  1. lotta plant analogies.As for my advice Aamir, get a plant for your dorm. Study it, emulate it. I think that should take care of things.


  2. Aisha Baitee:Excellent job. It seems every thought you expressed comes from my heart. Luck waits for those who perspire. Hard work and common sense are teh bottom line.


  3. The advice was beautiful. I have another plant analogy that I use. That is to nurture yourself and to nurture your relationships, especially the ones that show sign of growth (like a garden I mean). Congrats Aamir!


  4. Congratulations, Aamir. Here’s my two cents: 1) Always remember, advice is only worth two cents.2) Stand your ground.3) Don’t eat too much pizza.


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