5 thoughts on “Things that are wrong”

  1. What’s wrong with an eight year old selling chai? He’s probably learning a lot: economics, marketing, interpersonal skills, management, finance. In two years, he’ll have a great application for business school.


  2. Perhaps 8 years old is doing it without a choice. And, 80 years old is doing to “kill” time.What is right and what is wrong??Eight years old to support a family or reading a book “ARE YOU MY MOTHER” and FM/AAA laughing!!!!


  3. I think its the idea that kids could be educated but instead they are put to work. A few of our servants in Pakistan were so hungry to go to school but they didnt get the support of their parents because parents didn’t think about their long term success in the world. But I agree, some kids in pakistan have so many real world skills we dont get in school.


  4. The best world is where the 80 year is reading a book to the 8 year old whose going to a school. Maybe when he’s 18 years old he can get a part-time job selling chai to develop the entrepenerorial (sp) skills you were talking about Mansoor :)Perhaps 8 is a bit too young!


  5. I was just trying to say there’s nothing wrong with an 8-year old working. I agree that he shouldn’t be working instead of going to school, but even the US Department of Labor says a child of any age can work in a solely-owned family business.


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