My Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s book four says an optimist is the type of person, if his left arm got cut off in a logging accident would say “well at least now no one will ask me if I’m right handed or left handed” instead of the normal reaction of “Ahhhh I got my arm cut off!!!!” I kind of had to use that kind of thought process to cope with the fact that I couldnt take my exam on the laptop today and had to handwrite it.

In times of stress, I don’t like routine I NEED routine. So for exam day I wore my favorite jeans, my favorite slippers, hair up in a ponytail (like Violet Bauedelaire! but I did do it before her), gotta chew gum (because researchers say it helps your memory), and gotta practice for the exam with the same material you will take it. So if I take it with a pen I study w/ pen and paper. If I am going to take it on the computer, study for it on the laptop…. So up to the day of the exam I thought I was taking it on the laptop. So imagine my shock when three hours before the exam I find out that I CANNOT take it on the laptop like I planned. I felt like one of my students who was told because they didn’t listen to the instructions for numbering the spelling test they would repeat the second grade… I was so upset I wept…. The problem is you have to handwrite the exam and this is a three hour exam. And not one of those three hour exams where you really just need one or two hours but they give three to give you all the time you need. No this is three hours of fast paced speed writing from START to FINISH. So I tried to conjure up all the reasons to be thankful (Well I’ve got my health)and got into the exam trying to not let it get to me. And while I think I didn’t fail I know I had the potential to do get an A (i’m a far better typer) had my neurotic routine been met…..

But here’s my Lemony Snickets optimistic trying to find the bright side: At least it will be over soon!

Lemony Snickets Posted by Hello
Mi compadres!

****** UPDATE **********
Georgia State University’s wonderful Dean Emanuel said we could take our next two exams on the laptop!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you! Thank you!

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