A bunch of random things that I’m thinking about or are happening

1. I have exams in about two weeks and am very nervous. If you knew me around finals last semester then I apologize it’s about to happen again :(.

2. The tulips have finally bloomed in the front yard. They’re dark pink! šŸ™‚

3. There is a new family from Islamabad, Pakistan at my school. They were afghan refugees there. The boy who is in fifth grade barely went to school because he had to help his family make a living by selling chai in the bazaars. They speak not a word of English, yet they’re so bright, but even more important, so motivated. I taught the third grade girl the sounds of the alphabet in a matter of minutes which is no tribute to me, but to her brightness… my favorite part came at her joy in learning it upon which she said with sincere astonishment “If you keep teaching me like this then I will be a doctor before you know it!!” (in urdu ofcourse). Ofcourse the child is a true desi because when i asked her “oh you want to be a doctor?” and she replied, “well ofcourse, either that or an engineer!”

4. Very big news for me, I am becoming an “idealistic vegeteration”. It all started last Saturday when we went out for coffee with some people in town for job interviews and the topic of meat came up….. well they told me some interesting stuff (I wont gross anyone out, if you want to know more check this site out: http://www.organicconsumers.org/madcow/carnivore011405.cfm, there is also an FDA website which wil be forthcoming)…. and I’m definintely becoming an idealistic vegetarian. This means that I’m going to make my diet at least 96% veggie if not more. I will maybe eat it once a month if its one of two particular dishes I dont think I could part with (Cheesecake factorie’s santa fe chicken salad and haleem) but aside from that nothing else tempts me anymore after my research. Any comments on this? I’m curious about it.

Well back to the books:)

2 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. I think this veg thing is a phase, I give it couple of weeks especially when its comes to all the great desi food…chicken tikka, meat biryani, nihari, seekh kabab, etc.


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