Spring Break is Over


It’s over, over, over…. and I’m sad, sad, sad.

Yes, I know, Aisha you got spring break from your JOB. How ungrateful can one be??


I work full time and go to school practically full time, its very rare when I have the one small thing that is priceless for a reason: TIME.

My plan was to study as hard as I could to get as much done as possible but that somehow did not happen. I envisioned ten hour days, getting up at 7:00am and working till 7:00pm…. hmmm

The bed was just too soft, told me “stay! stay!” –so I did…. I was pretty good about the TV thing by not getting sucked into my usual vices of daytime television like All My Children etc (which nothing has changed since December….. DECEMBER!!)

But to resolve my cognitive dissonance perhaps my goals were too lofty… for example
Read Contracts Hornbook, sounds pretty easy right? But the book is 800 pages. Come on! And when there are fourteen of such “things to do”, its an accomplishment when each one is done, but still the fact that all arent crossed out on my list really disappoints me.

I did have some fun, Kashif and I went to the Dogwood festival in peidmont park, which was very lovely since the weather was great, and I love to look at small town artwork. I also got to see the Ansley Park area which makes your heart hurt by how beautiful the landscape and the homes are. That is my dream neighborhood, here’s hoping the books I plan to write this summer make me the next JK rowlings so I can move there :).

But I couldnt help nostalgically thinking about how this time last year we were drinking apple tea while sitting across from the Blue Mosque….. I miss Turkey! *That* is a good spring break. Alas!

(I have pictures from the trip here:

Turkey’s Aegean Sea Posted by Hello

Blue Mosque Posted by Hello

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