So we went to get our taxes done and as we sat there, I glanced at Kashif and he nodded. I smiled in agreement. Then I realized… we hadn’t said anything at all!!

So later, as we drove to the Dogwood festival, I asked him. Kashif, what were you nodding at in there. And he responded, well you were saying that you wish our tax preparor wasn’t Indian because you can’t speak Urdu with the freedom of knowing no one knows what yo’ure saying.

Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. How’d you get that from a glance? It wasn’t like the context would even imply it, or that I gave a particular frustrated look that would give it away.

Lately this happens a lot more, where I’ll be sitting around thinking something completely random, and he’ll know what I was thinking, or I’ll complete a sentence of his, and not a predictable sentence…. He used to have a blast getting me to fall for things with his poker face, but he can’t do that anymore because I automatically know if its a joke or not.

I have (I dont know if I still have) this with my brother, where I might look at a girl playing with her pet cat and think about the fact that movie is due next week, and he’ll suddenly say “A movie is due next week!”….. But its been happening with us for so many years, its just an odd but normal quirk of our interaction….I assumed genetics was linking our neurons to think in the same quirky manner..

Now is 2 1/2 years enough to start being able to read each others minds? When does telepathy between couples begin?

Interestingly since we’ve caught on to it, we consciously try to guesss what the other is thinking, and THAT has definetly proven NOT to work!
I just hope the next step isn’t that we’ll start looking like each other too!!!

July 4, 2002 Posted by Hello

2 thoughts on “Telepathy”

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