1) Checked the moot court competetitors for the next round and was not one of the 16. Shouldnt have expected it because I’m one of over 200 in the 1L class, but still I didnt think I did SO bad…. insh’allah I did decently. But still slightly bummed.

2) Went to get a trim, left with ten inches off my hair. I have short hair now. That’s not me. I think I was in shock now but now am really sad. At least the hair went to locks of love or kids with cancer to get a wig…

3) Bought Icecream for Kashif, Girlscout thin mint Edy’s… and found it was low fat. So that’s a great surprise!

4) Spring break is here for work so now I have a chance to catch up on my studying. AHHH. So much to do, and even though I should be elated that the break is here, I just don’t feel elated. Maybe b/c I know its a chance for me to catch upon my studying and that is no fun….

5) Quick Movie Reviews:
a) Closer: Yawn
b) Maria Full of Grace: WOW (Wow in a good way)

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