Van Gogh Exhibit

I went to the High Mueseum last night with Rizwana and JP to see the Van Gogh exhibit. Today 1/16 was the last day it would be in Atlanta. We waited over an hour to get in but it was well well worth the wait. I never really was quite as moved by art as I was by his work. Looking at his paintings you can see the brush strokes, the passion with which he painted. You can see his troubled state of mind when he painted with the passionate colors and portraits…. I just wonder how he would feel if he knew how many lives he touched with his art…. hard to imagine he died a penniless man when his art is now worth millions of dollars, and his reprints/postcards/books are mass produced and sell well each year.

My favorite scene was the cafe scene. http://www.vangoghartprints.net/van_gogh_cafe_terrace.html

It’s night and day to see it up close and to see it in books. Its a night scene yet he does not use black at all…. he only uses light colors and still lends the reader to understand that it is indeed nighttime….. amazing.. The trees on the right have incredibly thick brush strokes which makes it appear three dimensional and the colors are so incredibly rich. Again, I’m not an art expert or even a good understander of art, but it was an incredible scene.

Some other of his timeless pieces:



2 thoughts on “Van Gogh Exhibit”

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