101 in 1001

I got this idea from Huda’s website. 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. That’s roughly three years from now when I turn 28 *gulp* (insh’allah). So by my 28th birthday what things do I want to accomplish? It’ll be a working list. Some are supposed to be easy some should require some effort…And when I finish a task I indicate I have done so… start one too!

1. Read “Islam” by Karen Armstrong
2. Finish Law School
3. Finish Law School Sane
4. Lose 20 pounds
5. Make a trifle dish * made a chocolate trifle *
6. Stop biting my nails *those who know me know how difficult this was. Its all thanks to a nail polish called bite it!” a 25 year old habit- OVER!
7. Buy living room furniture- don’t really want to do this anymore… ?
8. Buy dining room furniture * dining and china has arrived!*
9. Take a day and just hang out and read books and magazines at Barnes. accomplished on a lazy Friday summer!
10. Decorate my family room. * 18 months after moving in- it’s done *
11. Get a routine to keep the house clean
12. Buy a locker at GSU
13. Ride the Marta eye opening experience… a sort of documentary on racial divide in Atlanta *
14. Write a piece of fiction
15. Write up and send out my teacher chronicles
16. Publish 5 magazine articles.
17. Go to Ikea I was scared. this store is entirely too big.
18. Clean my car
19. Get all my bills on online bill pay
20. Go to San Francisco A city in America that must not go unseen.
21. Finish the Quran again
22. Decorate the living/dining room
23. Go for Hajj– I made niyaat…. does that count? πŸ™‚
24. roller blade
25. Turn in Turkey photos to be developed
26. Upload Turkey pictures online. **check it out at image station **
27. Buy some more lipstick * Hazel and Cocoa at Perspictives*
28. Buy a baker’s rack *it looks so good people think it came with the house- think ROSS:)*
29. Buy an entertainment center for the family room. *thanks to the persian family moving out*
30. Get a cute haircut *wasn’t meant to happen but now that it has- hm.. its cute! :)*
31. Buy more candles *are enough candles to last me three years enough?*
32. Attend Aamir’s graduation *alhamdullilah*
33. Go to Hawaii
34. Paint my toe nails
35.Put new lights up on the awning
36. Watch Bridget Jones Diary II (Even if you say it stinks!) *didn’t stink THAT much*
37. Buy Office Space *best decision I ever made! *
38.Watch Pride and Prejiduce BBC all the way through.
39. Practice my drawings and frame them for the house.
40. Host an iftaar
41. Watch Lord of the Rings from beginning to end
42. Transfer my Tags to Gwinnet *phew*
43. Apply for Homestead Exemption *phew*
44. Get my nose ring out This is depressing because I think the hole closed 😦
45. buy bedroom furniture *and a swivel mirror!!*
46. Transfer my safe box to a closer location.
47. Have a picnic
48. Go Kayaking again.
49. Do some sheesha Cafe Istanbul is the place to go!
50. Go white water rafting again
51. Swim with dolphins (HINT HINT)**I just watched a show on abuse to animals at these facilities I choose not to complete this anymore**
52. put batteries in all the clocks in the house
53. Buy “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” **YESSSS***
54. Watch the sunrise
55. Watch the sunset
56. Go to a National Park. *Golden Gate Park*
57. Stain the wood stuff in the backyard.
58. Watch the leaves fall during a beautiful fall day
59. Put all the books I need to up on the bookshelf.
60. BBQ fun fun!
61. Watch Grease and sing along to the songs
62. Buy a BMW
63. Find a nice frame for my bedroom
64. Write a children’s book *wrote it! Now to publish it…..*
65. Eat at Melting Pot Eh..
66. Travel internationally Brasiiiiiiiiil
67. Watch Mary Poppins and sing along!
68. Buy China.
69. Discover the recipe in the dressing for the Sante Fe Salad at Cheese Cake (ADDICTIVE)
70. Read an article Noam Chomsky and Robert Fisk.
71. Find a “committee of one” to be become a part of, and become part of it!
72. Read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory *nothing like reading this story to a child*
73. Read The Series of Unfortunate Events *read up to the last one, waiting on book 11*
74. Meet my first child
75. See the ocean
76. Go to the mountains and stay in a cabin June 23, 2006 Completed
77. Buy copper pans to hang in the kitchen
78. Get all the things I dont wear and use anymore and give them to Goodwill or Salvation Army Completed May 2006 but donated to Veterans ASsociation. Its all the same.
79. Have a “couple photo” with kashif
80. Watch Ali G
81. Buy another lamp for the family room. *it’s a touch lamp…. mixed feelings about it really*
82. Get a professional massage
83. Get a manicure.
84. Get a good “Month at a glance” Calender *can I say its NOT worth $34 but they got a monopoly on a good calender*
85. Get a cute calender
86. Watch five indie flix: rushmore, we dont live here anymore, igby goes down, sunrise, sunset
87. Buy backup glasses *inadvertently accomplished, but accomplished none-the-less*
88. buy a zip up sweater
89. Buy a nice suit *thank you Kashif*
90. Go swimming
91. Take a bubble bath
92. Eat a burger delight burger and some wings. *the best burgers in town- natch*
93. buy another rug
94. get the bedroom spread.
95. Watch the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory YAY
96. Get an internship Thanks Sadia
97. Attend a U2 concert ** IF its sold out what can I do???***
98. Attend a Steve Earle concert
99. Learn and make a new dessert Chocolate lovers cake- yum- thanks Huda!
100. Make a new dinner dish chinese lettuce wraps- thanks Umber!
101. Eat Breyer’s icecream peach… yummmmmmmy

65 things.

10 thoughts on “101 in 1001”

  1. Yay for the 101 things! We should go makeup shopping sometime since makeup is on both our lists. And I recommend a highlighter for <>Islam<> as it’s also a difficult book to read &#8212 very textbooky, although she makes some interesting points, especially at the end.


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  3. <>Eat a burger delight burger and some wings<>You are always remindind that you are Muslim so how come you are eating Non Halal Meat. P.S. I am a born Muslim too but a progressive one, so I don’t have any problem with any kind of food.


  4. Curious thanks for visiting. i’m not trying to remind the general public that I am Muslim. I just am, and it shows up in my writing. We write based on our experiences, and you’ll see that my writing also discusses education and law as well…. who I am will reflect in my writing… at least my writing does so.Burger Delight is actually owened by a very sweet Bengali man and his food is Zabiha. But that’s besides the point, I eat there because i enjoy the food and not becaues its zabiha. I will gladly eat a chicken sandwhich at Chili’s too. I’m not trying to remind people that I’m Muslim. It’s who I am and so it shows up in my writing. Like you I don’t believe that zabiha meat is the only HALAL meat… I dont like the distinction. the opposite of halal meat would then be haram meat and I dont believe non zabiha meat is haraam.But anyhow, we all have our views on religion and about meat eating preferences. I choose to agree to disagree on things.


  5. What do you think Prophet Muhammad used to eat before the age of Forty? Halal/Zabiha has same meaning, Renaming the word dosen’t change its meaning.


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