Random Things

well its been a while since i’ve written and I figured I’ll update randomly the happenings in the world of Aisha.

1) Kashif and a friend Pergo’ed our “smelly room” which now smells just fine and I am typing from there

2) We bought a laptop and I dont know how ppl use desktops when this option exists.

3) Auditors are coming to the school (work) tommorow and i have to be at work by SIX AM. Which means I have to get up at 5am!!!! That is absolutely insane, AND i have sixty pages for property to read for tommorow night which I have looked at just slightly…… but here’s an interesting side note about propery.

a) did you know that you dont really OWN your land?

b) You own the estate in your land (the interest) but ultimate ownership belongs to

the government. That is something new I learned today.

4)My car got a flat tire on Thursday of last week and I didnt even know it. It was oone of the moments though….. that makes you stop and think…… I was low on gas and I stopped at a gas station to get gas. As i got out, a lady pulled up next to me and said did you know your car has a flat tire? sure enough the tire was completely deflated and me with a million thoughts running through my head, had my car not been on E and had the lady not been so KIND enough to tell me, would have driven to downtown ATL on a flat………

So then she says just go fill it up with air its around the corner. I’m thinking yes fill it up with air yes yes. … how do you do that????? So this guy walks up and says he’ll fill it up and I really had no choice at this point because I didnt know what else to do , but it was in broad daylight with lots of people so i said ok. He filled it with air and then said you have a nail in your tire….. so he offered to patch it up for ten dollars. I really didnt have much of an option and the nail was sticking out of the tire so i knew it was true…. so he fixed it for me. Turned out he was homeless and slept in the garage of the gas station relying on the kindness of strangers. The people at CITGO let him sleep in their garage and help ppl with flats or other issues….. Well he patched the tire and it has been driving fine since…. While he fixed the tire he told me about his life, how he has 8 siblings but “you know how family is when you are down and out on your luck” and told me he was a mechanic before and then things went bad for him, and he became homeless. I dont nkow if its true or not, but for a split second I thought of pyasaa…. and I thought of how lucky I am to have been born into the family I was and to live the life I live. Before that I was thinking of the million things I need to do. Papers to write, meetings to attend, and as he fixed my tire and talked about how he was a happy person because he knew that this life was just temporary and his journey’s end was with God… it just really did put thing in perspective.

I was amazed by how things work at that moment. Because so many things could have gone wrong astagfurillah….. and alhamdullilah things worked out so perfectly… for that I’m very grateful.

There are some moments you get a chill down the back of your neck because you know that Allah SWT showed his mercy to you…. He shows his mercy every day with all the blessings that we do have, but sometimes you are faced with it so undeniably that you dont know what to do with yourself. Subhanallah… God is Great.

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