Law School, GOOD GRIEF

Well law school has officially begun this week.

Last week was orientation and it was the most draining week of my life. We had class from 5-10:30 pm some days and some days it began even earlier like 2pm!

my schedule is not as rigorous as the orientation was but the work outside of classroom hours is the part that is really mind blowing. I have to somehow figure out how to work, attend classes, eat, sleep, oh yes and see my husband who I rarely see these days….. I have to thank Kashif for being so supportive of this whole endeavour that I’ve embarked upon.

So i’m taking Contracts and Property, those are pretty self explanatory titles I’d say. Then I’m taking RWA and Legal Bibliography, which require more work than the first two put together and they are half the credit hours! Its really a challenge, I think the biggest thing I will learn from law school is time management and stamina. Because I think I sure need a little bit more of both!

Anyhow, I’m sorry if I’m not as quick to respond as I usually was in the past, I am just so overwhelmed with this new schedule. Insh’allah once I learn it and get a routine going then i can have some back to normal stuff. I am off at 8:45 from classes and till 9;30 I am driving, so call my cell phone if you are ever bored around that time and keep me company! I’d always appreciate it:)

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