Hot Enough For Ya?

Day one of teaching today.

The AC is off.

Yes, its 95 degrees outside and the AC is plum not working anymore…….

So I have thirteen students in a sweltering rainforest of sweat who are growing increasingly listless by the second.

I’ve never seen such a class that has no enthusiasm for anything. But I don’t blame them, its the heat, not them.

I saw old students I taught last year. I saw one of my favorites who shall not be named:) but she was so adorable, and I missed my old class very much. They were a special class and not many will ever be like them again.

Anyways I am going to go now to shower, but I wanted to put an entry……………………

I do dread the heat tommorow

1 thought on “Hot Enough For Ya?”

  1. 8/14/2004
    Yes, we do not have AC in the house either. It is inconvenience. Aug. 13, 2004, Friday is the day Hurricane Charley hit us. It is not like Hurricane Andrew 12 years ago, however, it is Abdrew for those who have suffered. Looking from some of the pictures of devastation, it could be worse than Andrew.
    We watched weather reports perhaps on TV upto 9:00 or so, then the power was gone. Aamir had worked very hard the whole day Friday to make teh preparations – and those paid off. He prepared the closet under the stairs for shelter, by removing all the excess stuff and brought in pillows and comformers. He also got ready battery operated radio, a kerosin oil lantern and flash lights. We lighted the lantern, tuned teh radio for news and st down in the closet.

    There was alot of wind noise but most of the time those were gusts, not sustained. if I have to guess, teh sustained wind was perhaps about a half an hour. The was only one or two minutes of anxious time when I felt a light sweat. There was no comparison with Andrew.
    At 11:00 pm everything was calm. aamir amd I went outside and saw some neighbors there. A few trees of our neighbor (diagonal oposite) got downed. Steve our next door neighbor who was bare footed mentioned that some body got pool enclosure damaged and he got oneof his tree uprooted. The entrance of the subdivision got partially enclosed, however, one can get in and out.
    Aamir and started looking around the house. The screen of teh sliding glass door got blown away and was lying inthe yard.

    The thrust of the rain and wind was from teh back of the house. We found a bit of moisture on the tracks of sliding glass door, the widow sills of: one of the bay window, computer room and Ali’s room. The sliding glass door in the master had also some leak at teh bottom seals and made about 1 to 2 inches of carpet wet.

    In the morning I drove around at about 7:15 am. I could spot at least 3 or 4 pool enclosure damaged. One fence broken a few trees down. The Huntington neighborhood entrance looked like a mess. I drove to work and made it at about 8:15. On my war Icould see may trees down. It appeared one big trees down and then for a few block all clear and then you see again one or a few trees down – perhaps localized gusts “minor tornadoes”

    Well, this is the report right now>


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