Atlanta Refugees Need Your Help

Kashif and I went last Friday to a meeting in Clarkston, GA…. right by my school actually….

Bantu Somalians have come to the USA, numbering at MINIMUM…. twelve thousand, yes 12,000. They are being settled in Georgia by an organization claiming to be secular but whose online website states its mission is to convert them to Christianity…

What’s wrong with that you might think… well they are not offering them advice, they are basically forcing these Bantu Somalians to convert. The missionaries are sleeping in the homes of these refugees, telling them they MUST go to Church, and when they refuse, they are threatned that they will be returned to their countries refugee camps. Most of the targets are the children, ages 2 and up. They have even been renaming some children to Christian names. The parents often times have no idea what is going on as they don’t speak English, AND they are frightened of the consequences if they object. Some of these Bantu Somalians are being settled in remote parts of Georgia where they have no communication with other Somalians or Muslims for that matter, and they are isolated to the point they do anything they are told.

The organization doing this a non-profit, government funds receiving organization. If we ask to join, they legally cannot refuse us. At the meeting we agreed to all join this organization and ask to be given a family to host… this does not mean you take them into your homes… you provide them emotional support, teach them English, answer their questions, help them learn the norms of our society and culture. Hygiene, clothing, etc… they need advice…. After one month we will reconvene to discuss our results.

If you live in Atlanta, please contact me or comment me your contact information so I can give you more information. This does not have to be a “Muslim” thing. Religion shouldn’t be forced upon anyone, it should always be a choice. By joining the organization maybe we can better understand how it operates and how to fix the situation.

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