Very Random Thoughts

We bought a rug from Imran and it really looks very nice in our house. At first I thought it was too busy, but I arranged some things and now it looks fine. It matches well with our color scheme and its handmade which is also very cool. All we need now is a big screen TV and a good entertainment center, that room will look like a million bucks :).

Buying school supplies makes me way too excited! I’m making a treasure box that have items marked at different prices. The children have to earn which prize they want, starting from 5 point prizes to 100 point prizes, we’ll see how that works. Since I’m going to be attending law school as well I need my classroom to be as organized as it can possibly be before I begin the school year. People look at me as though I told them I eat glue sticks for breakfast when I tell them what my schedule will be like this fall. I hope its not as bad as it seems….:(….

Our lawn is on steroids we have conclusively decided…. it grows so fast it needs cutting twice a week…

I saw a rose grow before my eyes…. I’d been meaning to pull it for days because as it grew i thought it was a weed. Each day I looked at it and thought, ooh i need to pull it. But it’s thorny and I kept putting it off, the day I finally went to pull it I looked at the tip and it looked like a bud with something pink in it. So I held off, the next day it began to bloom, and by the end of the day it was a full blown rose! It was so beautiful… just proof that beauty can grow where you last thought..

And movies, here are the ones I saw and my concise reviews:

1) Farenheit 911: EXCELLENT… must see, one of the best of 2004

2) Shrek II: Also an excellent movie but with completely different purpose, keep an eye out for the three blind mice, my favorite characters.

3) Troy: Unless you just want to see senseless violence and mediocre acting, keep your money… there is one good scene, but not enough to go see it.

4) 50 first dates: Very cute, family friendly and happy.

5) Love Actually: It’s okay… made to please all, and it shows…

6) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: BLAH…. had great potential but didnt develop it.

That’s all for now… Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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