Books I’m Reading

Allan lent me a book recently:

“The Concise History of the Middle East” by Goldfischt

WoW…. very interesting book, he writes in a way that is so entertaining I feel i’m reading a suspense novel. I needed a book that explained the Middle East the empires which came and went… I started reading Bernard Lewis’s book “What Went Wrong”, Abu recommended that tone… It is an informative book. My problem with his book is I know his disdain for Muslims… if I know this its hard for me to read it fully trusting him. Again, one thing to be neutral, one thing to be a known bigot about the faith…. The book is also not as descriptive as I need it to be… Because I have very little background knowledge on the issues…. Goldfischt’s book is actually a text-book…it doesnt just tell events he also explains the mindset at the time, and the culture, how average ppl lived…. at the least I’m enjoying it more. It also explains WHY things happened…. anyhow, good book and I do recommend it!

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