How does one acheive self discipline?

I remember reading Ben Franklin once made a list for himself of all the vices he wanted to rid of within himself. Jealousy, Excessive eating, Alcohol, etc. He made a chart to see his progress. He acheived most of his goals, but not all, yet the goals he reached were of high caliber.

I think Islam is an excellent religion to master self-discipline. We are to abstain from pork, drugs, alcohol, and unmarried relations with the opposite gender…. in our day and age these things are difficult to do, but to abstain requires self-discipline.

Same with prayer, praying five times a day requires a lot of discipline….

Is it developed or is it something you are born with?

America suffers from a lack of self=discipline, this can be seen in rising obesity rates…alcoholism…teen pregnancies, high STD spreading…. I dont distance myself when i say America…. I am an American myself, and I struggle to discipline myself….. because if you dont discipline yourself, can you reach your true potential? If you let yourself go can you be who you could be? And if you don’t become the best of what you could have been, is it not a shame?

But again the million dollar question remains, how to acheive it and maintain it………..

6 thoughts on “self-discipline”

  1. I really enjoy what you have to say about Islam. My last semesters in undergrad were to devoted to Jewish and Muslim studies. I wanted to understand why people have so many preconceived ideas about the two faiths-especialy now. I grew a foundness for many parts of the Koran (or Quran-not sure your prefrence for spelling).Thanks for posting about self-discipline here.


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