Full Time or Part Time?

I am going to start law school this fall.

I’ve wanted to be many things growing up…..whale trainer, dentist, doctor, fashion designer, interior decorator, or whatever else was on reading rainbow that week.

The three things that have not died out but stick to me are writing, teaching and becoming a lawyer. The first two I can easily explain, the last one I find difficulty explaining fully why.

I always have wanted to advocate, and I felt that with law I could do this well. i also am a life long learner type of nerd who is extremely excited about hitting the books again and buying new highlighters…

That being said, do I sound like I need to go full time or part time? With part-time I would stick to my job and take some classes as well. Not as easy as it sounds…the courses arent any easier for us who like to put more on their plate than can be eaten…….. BUT by dropping out of the working force, I

a) leave a profession I know I like for one i’m not sure of, just have a “feeling” about…

b) out put money on the education and have 0 input back in…….. yes my husband is a GREAT provider, but as someone who is used to working, it feels, well, weird not too….

Plus, as a woman who is 24 going on 25… I know that i have a clock and it does tick…

So whats better? Can’t say for sure, but I know that I need to make a decision soon as I’ve told my work i’m working full time, and my school im attending full time……. one has to be told otherwise!

3 thoughts on “Full Time or Part Time?”

  1. The never ending question…well babes I feel your frustration too. I feel that unless you get an epiphany of some sort, just flip a coin and stick with that outcome. I love you and support you either way 🙂


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